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Alien Abduction

About the Alien Abduction

Riders enter the giant space ship, where they stand against the walls, and defy the laws of gravity! Inside and out, the ride is decked out with a special color changing LED light show.

Height Requirements

48" minimum

** Riders must stand upright and alone throughout this spinning ride. Riders must be able to withstand spinning at a high rate of speed. Riders must ascend/ descend entry/exit stairs.

Manufacturer: Wisdom
Capacity: 60' x 47'
Tickets Required: 5

Alien Abduction Gallery

Lil Tate Talley
Meet Lil Tate

Lil' Tate is the official mascot of Talley Amusements. You will find him all over the midway - on our height signs and other midway signage.

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