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Big Kahuna

About the Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna is a spectacular music ride that features free swinging ride vehicles that move up and down the hills and valleys of the ride.  The Big Kahuna runs in forward and reverse for added thrill.

Height Requirements

48" minimum

** Riders must sit upright and hold onto the lap bar and be prepared for strong forces from all directions due to the motion of the ride. Riders must enter the car from the side, which may be on an uneven surface. Riders must extend feet to the floor of the car. Riders must have control of their extremities. Entry/ exit requires negotiating elevated steps and ramps.

Manufacturer: Chance

Big Kahuna Gallery

Lil Tate Talley
Meet Lil Tate

Lil' Tate is the official mascot of Talley Amusements. You will find him all over the midway - on our height signs and other midway signage.

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